Principles of Accounts (POA) | Additional and Elementary Mathematics Tuition

Students’ Feedback

“Miss Iris helped me secure a B3 (from an F9) for both my E Maths & A Maths within 3 months. She is a very dedicated and kind teacher. I started out almost wanting to give up on Additional Maths but after her coaching, I started enjoying the subject as I regained my confidence!” – Divya, Dunearn Secondary School. Sec 4 (2015)
“Initially when I just started with Miss Iris, my aim was just a pass. However under her guidance, I improved from an F9 to B4 for my prelims. I later scored an A2 for my O levels which was way beyond my expectations! I appreciate her effort in always caring for her students” – Jerelee, Teck Whye Secondary School. Sec 4 ( 2014)
“Miss Teo is a fantastic teacher who has helped me improved my POA from a F9 to an A2. She changed my view towards the subject which I once hated!” – ZheFeng, Hillgrove Secondary School. Sec 4 (2011)
“Iris is patient, very friendly but strict when it comes to teaching. She is reliable to help students ace their Maths and Principles of Accounts” – KaKit, Greenridge Secondary School. Sec 5 (2011)